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Are you looking for website tracking features that go beyond what Google Analytics can do? New and established tools have dozens of features you won’t find in Google Analytics designed to fit a specific need, such as recognizing which businesses are visiting your site or monitoring brand mentions throughout the web. In this article, we look at top Google Analytics alternatives that either replace or complement the features offered by Google Analytics.

Every online marketer knows that analytics are crucial to understanding why your visitors behave the way they do. If you don’t closely monitor how users interact with your website, you won’t know how you can improve it. In the field of web analytics, Google Analytics reigns supreme. It’s free, widespread, and incredibly popular. But Google Analytics can also be hard to use, and a little invasive. You need to hand over mountains of data to one of the biggest corporations in the world. If you don’t like that Google has access to all your data and you need additional functionality, you can look for alternatives to Google Analytics.


FoxMetrics gives you an option to create a detailed profile for the target audience and increase your sales. This is one of the best event tracking web analytics tools and can be very helpful to any business site. FoxMetrics offers you a number of different products and each one of them are focused on increasing the revenue of your business.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a very powerful tool that gives you with comprehensive website analysis. Find out exactly who’s visiting your site, and where you’re getting traffic from.
It also has a bunch of useful features such as custom reports, the ability to track website rankings and traffic, the depth of information, a Google Analytics integration (if you just can’t quit GA), competitor monitoring, social media activity, paid web analytics solutions, and backlinks monitoring.The tool lets you build better websites and provides data points to your clients about their own websites. It also has a very clean and streamlined interface that makes understanding data easy. The tool has graphs and diagrams for many different types of information that’s simple to digest for visual people. And the marketing plan from SE Ranking offers valuable tips and tricks based on your site analysis.


Piwik is another great alternative that offers a lot of the same features and other solutions, although the setup is not quite as easy. If you use the paid version, you’ll need to install the software on your server. So a little technical know-how is necessary. To help, the company is available whenever issues arise. The team is responsive concerning bugs found in the system, and tend to fix them quickly. Piwik offers a range of great features like the customizable dashboard, goal tracking, a detailed log of individual visitors, and a marketplace plugin. My biggest criticism is that the interface can get very congested if you have too much information, which can make it tricky to use.


Kissmetrics is a great analytics solution focused on web analytics at the individual level. In other words, it tracks your visitors. The tool lets you optimize conversion rates by giving you detailed visitor actions, unlimited funnel reports, A/B split tests, data segmentation, and more. The setup process is complicated, but they provide plugins for most popular systems. The software offers solutions for mobile apps, Saas, e-commerce platforms and more.


Woopra provides an attractive web dashboard with many analytics features to help you instantly see what’s happening on your website. The tool shows you how many visitors are online and what they are reading. I really like the behavioral profile that the software creates for each customer and user. This information can be essential to your online business. Woopra includes a range of interesting features like tracked categories, comments, blog authors, custom tagging, advanced segmentation, real-time stats, advanced reporting, and live chat feature. An integration with your online store is available, and you can track what visitors do there.


Chartbeat is a great content intelligence solution that shows data for desktop and mobile users, traffic sources, top pages, Twitter links and mentions, server load, and more. You’ll instantly know how your content is performing and how to optimize it for reader engagement. The tool also offers scroll mapping and the option to see how visitors are connecting with your content, and why they’re on your site in the first place. Chartbeat gives everyone a detailed overview of content performance, editorial KPIs and video content analysis.


Gauges is another affordable alternative source to Google Analytics that helps you focus on the most important website traffic stats in real time. The tool works similarly to Google Analytics. The idea behind this software is to provide with the most important and actionable data through an easy-to-understand interface. Similar to the tools mentioned above, Gauges shows you how many users come to your website, where they come from and where they go. The tool has a few useful features like real-time analytics, an API and 100% Flash-free dashboard for mobile viewing.


Mention is a great media monitoring tool that quickly shows positive and negative mentions of your brand and competitors with sentiment analysis, gives you detailed analysis of your competitors, and reveals serious communications problems. The tool enables getting in-depth brand intelligence and compelling reports to share results with clients and colleagues easily. The tool gives you helpful data like reach and shares, and the influencer dashboards find the top people talking about your brand. Plus, if you don’t have enough time to check Mention every day, you can receive email digests with top mentions.


Clicky is a well-known and widely used alternative. It comes with a beautiful, user-friendly interface that will give you a detailed view of your site traffic. Clicky will help you to understand your visitors better because it offers you an option to click through any column of the report and have a complete review of which parameters are working great and which need to be improved. Clicky is known for its real-time traffic tool; you can have a great view of the real-time engagement on your site. Clicky can even track of every action by a single visitor in detail. The heatmaps help you to have a detailed review of per page sessions as well as the activity by each individual visitor. Overall, this is one of the best Google Analytics alternatives.


Mixpanel is slightly different from the traditional web analytics tools because it was created on the philosophy that the action taken by a user speaks more than the actual page views. If you are selling products or services, Mixpanel is probably the best alternative of Google Analytics for you. They track user action so that you can clearly identify what is working what is not. Mixpanel makes it easy for you to track what your users are doing on your site as well as your iOS and Android app. You can carry out many testings to make sure you're making the right choices to increase your revenue.


W3counter offers you over twenty real-time web statistic reports to provide you with detailed information about the incoming traffic to your website. With this system, you can identify the most engaging pages of your site so that you can improve them further to increase the revenue of your site. You can sign-up for W3counter for free and can continue to use it free if your site gets less than 5000 page views per day.

Though Google Analytics is the most widely used and comprehensive reporting system for websites, there are a number of Google Analytics alternatives you can try. If you are a blogger or small business owner, Google Analytics is good enough to keep track of the traffic details of your site. You can track traffic details, traffic sources, conversion rates, keywords, landing pages, and you can also have a look at the real-time traffic. If for some reason you don't want to use Google Analytics, there are a number of alternatives you can use for your site.

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