Involver - Mission Control For Social Media Management

Involver helps the world’s most ambitious brands and agencies create meaningful connections across the social web. Involver pioneers the first social app suite on Facebook; today, it leads the industry with SML™ - the industry's first and only coding language for social applications - which lets front-end developers take full control of their brand pages and produce fully customized marketing applications. 

Create and manage engaging experiences on social networks and across the open web on the most scalable social marketing management platform. Leverage the Conversation Suite to monitor your conversations - and publish to - Facebook and Twitter. Use the Application Suite to deploy engaging apps on your Facebook Fan Pages. Or design your own pages and social applications using Visual SML™ and Involver's Social Markup Language (SML™). No matter how large your community is, the Involver Platform will help you grow your business through social.


  • Create Branded Social Media Channels: Deliver a consistent brand presence across social media channels. Distribute engaging content and manage social media conversations all from one platform.
  • Unify Social Media Teams: Get your social media team on the same page. Distribute workload, optimize workflow processes, eliminate control risks with user permissions, and reduce social media costs.
  • Demonstrate ROI: Track user engagement to measure campaign effectiveness. Set custom tracking parameters, consolidate social media reporting, and optimize your campaigns based on behavioral data.

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