How to get a Free domain name ?

Freenom is the world's first and only free domain provider. Freenom mission is to bring people online and help countries develop their digital economy.
You won’t get a proper domain name, because .com or .net domains always come at a cost. As you have seen, most providers will give you a subdomain such as

A free subdomain may be fine for a personal website, but it is not recommend for professional or commercial sites for the following reasons:

  • It looks unprofessional.
  • You’re not doing yourself any favors in terms of search engine rankings (more on this below).
  • It’s not easy to remember such a long name
  • There is actually a place where you can get free domain names that aren’t subdomains. At Freenom you can get a few (admittedly, obscure) domain names for free: .tk, .ml, .ga and a few others. So you could name your site, for example. Now, I wouldn’t recommend building your business on top of such a free domain name.

But if it’s just for a personal project that’ll be completely fine. Freenom allows you to forward your domain name to a URL (such as your free website’s subdomain) or to point it to a website, which is a bit of a technical process. Pointing your domain is actually the professional way as then it will entirely run on this domain and no one will ever see the subdomain.

By breaking barriers and integrating free domains with the latest website building and hosting technologies, Freenom makes it easy for any business or individual to build websites and content, at no cost.

Using the latest AnyCast Cloud technology, Freenom guarantees the stability and performance of all the domains it manages. And with strategic trusted security partners such as Twitter, Internet Identity, Kaspersky and more than 40 others, we can deliver state of the art anti-abuse technology to keep free domains safe and secured for all internet users.

A win-win for partner countries
With the free domain model, partner countries can offer their local internet population the tools to get online quickly and at no cost. This proven and innovative model dramatically encourages the creation of local content and stimulates the registrar.

All Freenom partners benefit from12 years of experience and receive the latest DNS technology. Upon request, Freenom will also organize a comprehensive Competency Transfer Program and provide advice on organizing the national registrar industry.

Backed by experienced venture capital firms
Freenom recently closed a $3M in Series A funding from a group of investors led by Kima Ventures (KIMA), the most active angel investor in the world. Freenom will use the funds to expand its top level domain management operations, to expand its AnyCast cloud network and the development of commercial initiatives combining country top level domains with local communities.

The Kima Ventures fund was started in 2010 by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs with the goal to support and finance innovative companies with seed capital all over the world. Since 2010, Kima Ventures has made investments in 205 companies in 23 different countries all over the world including companies such as Sparrow, Rapportive, FreshPlanet/SongPop, FormLabs, MovableInk, Powtoon, Weekdone, ShareDesk and BoatBound.

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