Sonetel - the global telephone service for global entrepreneurs

Sonetel - provider worldwide of a free, global business phone system service for small and medium businesses.
It enables free internal voice and video calls worldwide and marries IP-telephony, mobile phones and regular telephony into a seamless, company-wide, global solution. For free.
419,634 companies from 239 countries have already signed up to get this easy-to-use global telephone infrastructure for their business.

Sonetel is also a global phone company providing local phone numbers worldwide. This enables entrepreneurs to open "virtual offices" anywhere, for as little as a dollar a month - to get closer to their customers.

Sonetel's service also allows international business calls to be made - at the cost of a local call - from a mobile phone. Other services such as fax-to-email and voice response help businesses get a professional customer interface for as little as 1 cent per call.

160 man years have been invested into building Sonetel's unique technical platform with a sincere passion for service quality, automation and ease of use.

Sonetel is a privately held Swedish company backed by the founder Henrik Thomé, ALMI (Swedish Government organization) and other Swedish investors.


Sonetel's Research & Development team in India develops and manages the Sonetel Phone System which is installed in high security data centers in California and Amsterdam. Sonetel's customer support team is located in India.

Management team

Henrik Thomé CEO and founder, Prashant Pant COO and Magnus Anckarman VP Business Development.

Henrik Thomé is a Swedish serial entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in telecom and Internet. Sonetel is his 7th venture. Earlier ventures include Envox providing voice application development software, handling over a million phone lines worldwide. Investors included Intel Capital, NorthZone, Eqvitec and Provider ventures. Linewise - a company developing and hosting advanced voice and Internet solutions for IKEA, Swedish Skatteverket etc.

Prashant Pant has 12 years of experience in telecom software engineering. After graduating from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi in 2000, he has worked in diverse roles in architecture, development and management of advanced telecom software systems for wire-line and wire-less networks.

Magnus Anckarman has 25 years experience in sales and marketing, primarily in the Telecom business.

Key partners

Sonetel cooperates with select global technology and service providers that are capable of meeting Sonetel's stringent quality and price requirements.

Voxbone is the market leader in providing worldwide geographical, toll-free and iNum telephone numbers.

Grandstream is a global leading provider of high quality voice and video IP desktop phones, with +400 employees.
Sonetel has integrated with the Grandstream product range to create a true plug'n play experience for the user.

Sonetel also uses the services and products from dozens of other global leaders in their respective fields such as Oracle, Cisco and Level3 - in order to deliver a dependable, business quality service.

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