Booshaka is the leading word of mouth marketing platform for the social web

Booshaka gives you insight into the who, what, when, where and how of your community engagement. Our insights and analytics help you understand your engaged fans and followers so you can develop the best social marketing strategy.

Booshaka gives you the tools you need to identify, recognize and reward your engaged fans and followers. Our easy to use applications will help you drive and harness the conversation so that you can focus on storytelling and goals.

Social media created the opportunity for marketers to drive word of mouth with scale and precision. Booshaka helps you connect with other communities and take advantage of the social advertising so that your story cost-effectively reaches the most people.

Booshaka is the world’s first Customer Lifecycle Management Platform for Social Media. They capture activity based on the customer’s view of your brand, making it easier to plan your messages and actions. Booshaka's platform integrates with all data sources, including social pages, email databases, and web or mobile apps, providing insight and value across your business. Booshaka helps you effortlessly improve customer engagement, boost revenue, and enhance the customer experience. 

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