Jugnoo Social CRM

Jugnoo’s Social CRM is a business strategy, supported by a technology platform, that allows organizations to align business operations with the social purchase/buy cycle and collaboratively engage prospects and customers on the web.
On-Demand Social CRM platform allows businesses to connect, communicate and manage all social accounts, activities and drive the social business purchase/buy cycle from one platform. Easily conduct social media monitoring, social marketing, relationship management and transact social commerce.

The On-Demand Jugnoo Social CRM Platform delivers:
  • One-site, real time management of all your social accounts
  • Easy content creation and distribution across the entire social web
  • Applications that help you write and share posts, as well as other media content
  • Facebook slideshows, promotions and coupon publication, increasing your brand’s online reach
  • On demand advice from our expert team of social media marketers, ensuring you succeed on the social web
  • The opportunity for developers to create, publish and market – through the Jugnoo Social CRM platform – their own innovative social business app

Source: jugnoo.com

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